History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - RAGG magazine

RAGG Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 1, Number 18 -- September 23, 1983
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Advertisement for BESTD Clinic
& Masthead
(page 2)
(page 3)
Cruisin' - bar news and happenings
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(page 4)
Cruisin' - bar news +
Advert: Paul Morgan House of Fashion
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(page 5)
Out 'N About
(page 6)
Dear David- question & answer
(page 7)
Spyce performs at Club 219
(page 8)
Jockey Shorts music news
(page 9)
George's Fashion Show
(page 10)
George's Fashion Show +
Advertisements: JoDee's (Racine) + Lost & Found
(page 11)
Advertisements: DK's +
1101-West (Appleton) + Fannies
(page 12)
Lost & Found Corn Roast
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(page 13)
Horoscope (pages 14+15)
Your Place 19th Anniversary
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(pages 16+17)
Pendulum AIDS Benefit Picnic
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(page 18)
Nite Life: daily promos at the bars
(pages 19+20)
Nite Life +
Advertisement: Grand Avenue Pub
(page 21)
AIDS Information:
a RAGG public service ad
(page 22)
Locations: Bar Guide/ Directory (pages 23-25)
Directory of Organizations (pages 26-28)
(page 29)
Talk of the Town
(page 30)
Advertisements: Pegasus Travel
+ Parkway Theatre
(page 31)

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