History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - RAGG magazine

RAGG Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 1, Number 17 -- September 16, 1983
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Advertisement for Circus
& Masthead
(page 2)
Editorial: Marquette Free Press
(page 3)
Cruisin (events): YP show; GPU benefit for death of Tom Buckley; DK's grand opening, YP 19th anniversary, Mr. 219 and Mr. Wreck Room contests
(page 4)
Cruisin, cont.: Mr. and Miss 1101 West (Larry & Larinda), Planet X, JoDees, various after-hours barn parties. Mentions of Odessa Brown, Buddy, Dan Shock, Tess (Miss Body Shop), Miss Sass, Jackie Morgan (Empress of Wisconsin)
(page 5)
Photos from Papagaio bar
(page 6)
New column, "Dear David" introduced, to give advice
(page 7)
Ad: Papagaio bar, 515 N. Broadway
(page 8)
Jockey Shorts (music, not sports :)
(page 9)
Photos: Astray Woman Show at Your Place
(page 10)
Photo: unknown outdoor patio (Your Place?)
+ Ad: Lost & Found "Wisconsin's Largest Women's Bar"
(page 11)
Ads: DK's Grand Opening; 1101 West, Appleton; Fannies
(page 12)
Travelog: Key West
(page 13)
(page 14)
Horoscope +
Ads: Parkway Theatre + JoDees (Racine)
(page 15)
Ad: Mr. Club 219 Contest
(pages 16+17)
Photo: Rally at Juneau Park
+ Ad: The Finale
(page 18)
Nitelife: daya by day activities at the Bars
(pages 19+20)
Nitelife cont.
+ Ad: The Grand Avenue Pub
(page 21)
Read This: RAGG Public Service message about AIDS
(page 22)
Locations: directory of bars in Wisconsin
(pages 23-25)
Directory of Social Services and Organizations in Wisconsin
(pages 26-28)
(page 29)
Talk of the Town (personal messages)
(page 30)
Talk of the Town, cont.
+Ad: Radio Systems Co.
(page 31)
Ad: Mr. Wreck Room Contest
(page 32/ back cover)


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