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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 9, Number 20 -- October 8-21, 1992
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News: Kentucky sodomy law struck down. Local trials of AIDS vaccine Salk, not confirmed.
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News: United Way votes on Scout funding. (Queer Scout). House guts D.C. Partnership Law.
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News: AIDS Walk raises $404.000
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Ad: Center Project Inc.
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News: Lily Tomlin featured on “In the Life” TV show. In Step joins media effort. Second edition of “Out” on newsstands. Black Lace begins 2nd year publishing. (BLACKfire, Kumba, BLK)
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Club 94 hosts 3rd annual S.E.W.A.P. auction featuring Club 94 Follies Girls
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Photos: 1992 AIDS Walk with Mayor Norquist and Linda Moliter cutting the ribbon. Doug Nelson speaks
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Group Notes. LRN Forum: involvement in politics. Elect our own First Lady at Club 219 with D.J. Daniels
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GWEEDA meets. Oberons Halloween Party at Wreck Roo
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Gay/lesbian Union forms in Kenosha. Northern Womyn Dance
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BESTD Clinic thanks 3 B’s for benefit show raising $200.00. Milwaukee Ujima (African American Group) recognizes James Baldwin for his controversial book, Giovanni’s Room. Ad or “Little Rosie” (Mint Bar) birthday party at 1100 Club.
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Ad: Oktoberfest at Partners
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Halloween Video Dance GLBC. GAMMA plans trip to Chicago. AIM (AIDS Information Milwaukee) article
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Letters to the editor.
Ad: B.J’s (Mint Bar)
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The Arts: AIDS Quilt Songbook performance benefits MASN
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Director Scott Stewart returns to Chorus
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Sculptor honors victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. BLVD Ensemble
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Ad: Pivot Club thanks Dominique Mahon
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Singer Alice Dimicele to appear at UW Stevens Point
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Steppin Out. Photos: 3 B’s hosting benefit show for BESTD Clinic
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Steppin Out cont.
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Steppin Out cont.. Photo: David Burrill performs at Za’s
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Steppin Out cont.
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Ad: Blue Lite, Sheboygan
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Ad: M&M Club
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Photos: Napalese Lounge celebrates 10th anniversary party. Sage LaRue, Malcom, Cricket, Rayons
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Photos: Miss Gay Wisconsin USA King Productions. Cezanne, Tommie Ross, Dominique Mahon, Tracie Shane, Jimmy King, Mary Richards, Duwanna Moore
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Photos: 219, Victims of Desire Male Dance Group. Bonnie Bitch and C.C Rae perform at LaCage.
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Ad: The Other Place (later re-opened under new ownership as Harbor Room)
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In Memoriam; Mary Beth Baker, Jim “Bullet” Boulet
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Jock Shorts SSBL Awards Party. Rita Bowl
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Jock Shorts cont. Holiday Invitational Tour. Life’s a Drag
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