History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Escape

Wisconsin's Escape magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 5 -- March 12, 1982
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Governor Dreyfus signs AB70 into law


Advertisement for Your Place
(Page 2)

(Page 3)
(Page 4)
Advertisement for Finale
(Page 5)
Legally Speaking: AB 70
(Page 6)
Legally Speaking (cont)
+ Advertisement for This Is It
(Page 7)
Legally Speaking: AB 70 (cont.)
(Pages 8 & 9)
Think Pieces column
(Page 10)
Think Pieces, cont.
(Page 11)
Photo: FIST (Factory Invitational Scratch Tournament) first place winners
+ Ad: Beer Garden
(Page 12)
Ad: Levi's blue jeans
(Page 13)
At Random column, Sports
+ Ad: First Street bar
(Page 14)
Sport column, cont.
+ Coupon: Niko's bar
(Page 15)
Ad: Ball Game 8th Anniversary / St. Patrick's day party
(Pages 16 + 17)
Photos: Club 219 Anniversary party
(Page 18)
Ad: The Factory
(Page 19)
Escapades, Calendar of Events
+ Ad: Going My Way? bar, Madison
(Page 20)
Ad: Club 219
(Page 21)
Photos: Miss Gay Madison pageant at GMW
(Page 22)
Ad: Thinking of You on Broadway retail store
(Page 23)
Photo: FIST committee members
Ad: Club Milwaukee Baths
(Page 24)

Photo: Wreck Room manager Jimmy presents "pizza cake" to Al
+ Ad: Wreck Room bar
(Page 26)
Ad: Parkway Theatre
(Page 27)
Photo: FIST official scorekeepers
+ Ad: Paradise Bookstore
(Page 28)
Directory of bars
(Page 29)
Bar directory, cont.
+ Ad: Rod's bar, Madison
(Page 30)
Ad: Shamrock bar, Madison
(Page 31)
Ad: Wreck Room
(Page 32)


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