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Kenosha Steam Baths
Location: 3504 60th Street
Kenosha, WI


approx. 1970
(open mid-2021)

Male/ Female/ Children



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Kenosha Steam Baths first began advertising in gay media in about 1970. The last known listing for this business in any gay media (national or local guides or publications) is approximately 1976.

According to their still-operating website in 2021, Kenosha Steambaths was built in 1928. The website description reads in part: "Our saunas can hold up to 6 people in a private room or the men common room can hold about 15 people. Sleeping room we rent by the month on the second floor."

Posting on various gay web sites suggest it may still be a place for men to meet men for sexual encounters. Discretion is advised however, as this "steam baths" caters to men, women and children- and thus is not exclusively a "gay sex" place.

Listing in
1970 International Guild Guide

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Listing in
1971 Bob Damron's Address Book

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Listing in
1972 Bob Damron's Address Book

Listing in
1973 Guild Guide

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Listing in
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Photo of the building, approx. 2005

Photo of the entrance, approx. 2005

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