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Lambda Lounge
Location: 343 W. Appleton Ave., Appleton WI



Female/ Male
Bar/ social



The Lambda Lounge was opened in mid-1977 by Gene Koenke and Paul DeBruin. Its advertisement in the August 1977 issue of GPU News reads that this bar was "Formerly Doris' Super Bar" and was now "Under new management". The ad also states that it was at that time "The Fox Valley's One and Only Gay Bar". The Lambda Lounge appeared in national gay guides until 1982, after which there is no further listing for it.

The bar got competition when the very popular dance club 1101 West opened in 1981. The popularity of 1101-West likely caused the ultimate demise of the Lambda Lounge.

(One account claims that the Lambda Lounge was the location of the last gathering of the Fox Valley Gay Alliance (FVGA): a Mardi Gras held on February 29, 1975. That account is mistaken, as this bar was not even known as Doris' Super Bar in 1975.)

Any further information about either of these businesses is welcome.


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