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Grand Avenue Annex
Location: 746 N. 7th Street, Milwaukee WI


August 1986
December 1986 or January 1987

Male/ female
Bar/ social



Grand Avenue Annex was opened by the owners of the nearby Grand Avenue Pub after the success of that business, when for a time it seemed the lease at the Pub would not be renewed. (The Pub was just around the corner on Wisconsin Avenue.) Both businesses were convenient to the nearby Club Baths, for patrons with more than food and drink in mind.

The Grand Avenue Annex was closed within a few months; after the Pub's lease was renewed, it didn't make sense to operate both bars, and the lease was given up.

(The building that housed Grand Avenue Annex was reopened by another owner for about a month as Mickey's Dynasty, but that bar was a quick failure.)

Annex Opening Advertisement
(InStep vol 3-13, July 1986)

Annex Open
(InStep vol 3-16, August 1986)

Advertisement for GAP + Annex
(InStep vol 3-17, Sept. 1986)

Photos from Annex grand opening
(InStep vol 3-17, Sept. 1986)


View of the building in 2005

Annex Open
(InStep vol 3-16, August 1986)

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