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Gay Street Station
Location: 1637 W. Pierce Street, Milwaukee WI


July 1986
October 1987

Male/ female
Bar/ social



Gay Street Station had their Grand Opening on August 1, 1986, although the bar had a quiet 'soft' opening sometime in July 1986. The bar is described in its first mention in In Step magazine's 'Steppin' Out' column as: "a new bar with an emphasis on women. Located at 1637 W. Pierce, (1 block north of National), it has a turn of the century/ Union Station bar decor. Billed as a beer saloon, they offer an extensive list of non-alcoholic beverages. Their grand opening is scheduled for August 1st, but they are already open...".

Early ads and articles included mentions that "the murals are all complete now", and that the bar served sandwiches on Saturdays and Sundays. The mention of murals is interesting, but the only interior photo we are aware of is in the first advertisement (to right) (plus a photo of two contest winners presumably in a corner of the bar, in late 1986).

This was the first bar operated by owners Lois & Sheri, but it was very short-lived. They relocated the business and renamed it Station II- The Eastern Connection, late in October 1987, which proved to be a much better venue: that bar operated for about 14 years.

More information about the original Gay Street Station is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.

Description in Steppin Out column
(In Step v3-14, August 1986)
Advertisement: Specials, events, serving sandwiches
(In Step v3-16, August 1986)
Description in Steppin Out column
(In Step v3-16, August 1986)
(In Step v3-17, Sept. 1986)
(In Step v3-18, Sept. 1986)
Steppin Out column: now opening earlier
(In Step v3-18, Sept. 1986)
(In Step v3-20, October 1986)
Steppin Out column: 'Dating Game' winners receive chauffeured dinner date
(In Step v4-01, Jan. 1987)
Photo: Winners of 'Dating Game'
Evie and Shirley
(In Step v4-01, Jan. 1987)
(February 1987)
(In Step v4-02, Feb. 1987)
(In Step v4-04, Feb. 1987)

First Advertisement
(In Step v3-14 August 1986)

One of last Advertisements
(In Step v4-07 May 1987)

'Steppin Out' column: bar moved
to W. Grant and renamed
"Station 2- The Eastern Connection"
(In Step v4-17 October 1987)

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